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2019 Santa Fe Symposium® Sponsors

Please join us in thanking the sponsors of our 2019 Santa Fe Symposium®! Each year, their generous support of the Symposium and the jewelry industry in which we all work makes this unique conference possible.

Rio Grande

Rio Grande, Inc. provides more than 30,000 innovative products, legendary customer service and expert know-how to jewelers, metalsmiths and artisans. Now a Berkshire Hathaway company, Rio Grande was established by Saul Bell in 1944 and is one of the largest jewelry industry suppliers in the world.


GIA is the world’s foremost authority on diamonds, colored stones, and pearls. The Institute fulfills its nonprofit mission through education, laboratory services, research, and instrument development. GIA created the 4Cs and the GIA international Diamond Grading System™, and continues to set worldwide standards for unbiased gemstone grading and identification.

GIA’s Graduate Jeweler diploma program delivers traditional and technologically advanced skills for hands-on jewelry-making. The Jewelry Design & Technology diploma program offers training in Computer-Aided Design (CAD) modeling, jewelry design, engineering, and manufacturing. The globally-recognized Graduate Gemologist diploma program gives you the comprehensive knowledge of diamonds and colored stones you need to succeed in the jewelry business. Learn more about GIA diploma programs, lab classes and online eLearning at

Hoover & Strong

Hoover & Strong offers the largest findings selection in the jewelry industry, with over 70 shank styles and more than 100 setting styles available. Add to that an extensive collection of mill products, as well as refining and custom casting services and you’ve got a manufacturer that can really make it happen for you!


Johnson Matthey

Johnson Matthey has a world of experience and a wealth of history. It is the leading responsible supplier and refiner of platinum and palladium.



Progold S.p.A, a trusted beacon for fine jewelry metallurgy and a reliable partner for producing and developing alloys and master alloys. 
Not only providing high performance solutions for every application, caratages and colors, Progold provides constant and overall support for the needs of our customers thanks to its highly specialized team.
A 360° partner which, thanks to its innovation-impulse, gave birth to XBRAX soldering pastes and Progol3D, a service bureau of direct metal 3D printing..



Advanced Precious Metal Powders from Cooksongold are gas atomised alloys developed for all Additive Manufacturing processes plus MIM applications. The gas atomised spherical powders are adapted to work in any of the laser melting machines on the market and each batch of material is subjected to a rigorous quality control procedure to ensure batch to batch quality and repeatability.

As a leading global supplier of fabricated precious metals, gold, silver, and platinum, wire, sheet, tubing and casting grain, Cooksongold knows everything there is to know about handling and manipulating precious metals. Cooksongold are part of the Heimerle + Meule Group which is one of Europe's largest refiners and processors of precious metals. The Heimerle + Meule Group employs over 750 members of staff at locations in seven countries: Germany, France, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Austria, Portugal and Spain.


Platinum Guild International, USA

Platinum Guild International, USA is dedicated to promoting platinum and its pure, rare and eternal qualities to the consumer and the jewelry trade. PGI is headquartered in Hong Kong and has offices in China, Japan, India and the United States.


Orion Welders manufactures innovative, powerful, and easy-to-use micro welding solutions. The Orion Pulse Arc & Laser welders offer power and precision and are ideal for a variety of applications including retipping prongs, resizing rings, closing links, filling porosity, welding dissimilar metals, repairing eyeglasses, and many other manufacturing and repair jobs.

Red Sky Plating

Red Sky Plating was founded in 1975 and is a market leader in surface-finishing services and provides high-quality electroplating and metal-finishing services to jewelry manufacturers.

Bonny Doon

Bonny Doon provides the finest-built, precision-engineered hydraulic presses and tooling for jewelers since 1990. Located in Taos, New Mexico, Bonny Doon offers several presses along with a line of specialized tooling, accessories and consumables. It remains the world’s premier manufacturer of hydraulic presses for jewelry makers, metalsmiths and artists.

United® Precious Metal Refining, Inc.

United PMR is a global supplier of master alloys for the manufacturing of Gold, Silver, Platinum & Palladium jewelry.  United PMR is also a primary refiner specializing in processing all types of materials from scrap to bench grindings and sweeps.  The combination of their innovative master alloys, expertise in refining, and over 25 years of industry experience, it’s no wonder our customers refer to us as “Simply the Best.

Usines Métallurgiques De Vallorbe

Founded in 1899, Usines Métallurgiques de Vallorbe boasts over one hundred years of expertise. Our high-quality precision tools are manufactured in the heart of the Jura Mountains in Switzerland, and have won praise throughout the world from the most renowned jewellers. Sold in more than 80 countries, Vallorbe ® files and precision tools cover a large number of applications such as engraving, setting, bevelling and polishing.

Arbe Machine Mfg., Inc.

Arbe Machine Mfg., Inc. is a family owned and operated business since 1975 and is America’s leading manufacturer of jeweler’s casting, polishing, plating and finishing equipment. We are committed to providing the professional jeweler the highest quality equipment, made in the USA, along with personalized customer service.


Legor Group

Legor is a worldwide leader in the development and supply of alloys and galvanic treatments for the jewelry and fashion industries. Legor has also developed and supplies complementary alloys for Brazing and SLM applications.

In 2005 Legor started its way toward internationalization, that nowadays has led to a global presence in seven major strategic areas: USA, Hong Kong and China, South East Asia, Turkey, Russia and Europe. The Group’s most important added value is being partner to its Clients for Research and Development projects, thanks to highly specialized know-how and the technology of its in-house metallurgy and chemistry laboratories.


Techform is an industry leader in the casting of high temperature metals and possesses a unique process for the casting of platinum group metals. Using a ceramic shell system derived from the medical and aerospace industries, TechForm provides superior quality platinum and palladium castings for the jewelry, fine art, medical, and aerospace markets.


Jason’s Works

Around 2009, I became fascinated with coin rings, but I wasn’t able to find much information about how to make these beautiful pieces of art. After some trial and error, a little research and development, and a bit of brainstorming with other enthusiasts, I carefully created an efficient process that consistently generates the highest quality ring. A detailed, step-by-step guide detailing this process is available in my manual alongside my custom-designed tools specific to the exciting art of coin ring making.

I can tell you confidently I am proud to provide the best products and resources available, from custom rings to tools and training. I believe in “quality not quantity” and “you get what you pay for.” All of my tools are made from top grade materials and precision machined by true masters of their trade. All tools and rings are 100% guaranteed.


Laminated Metals Technology

Laminated Metals Technology is a collaboration between James Binnion and Chris Ploof. Bringing our combined experience and skill  to supplying a variety of laminated metal materials to the jewelry making  community. We produce stainless steel damascus round bar stock, flats and sheet. We also make a range of mokume gane laminates in precious and base metals and are distributors of Damasteel austenitic stainless steel damascus for the jewelry trade.

Intercept Silver & Jewelry Care Co.

Intercept Silver & Jewelry Care Co. is trusted by NASA, the Guggenheim Museum, and jewelry manufacturers, retailers, and consumers worldwide for tarnish and corrosion prevention.


Au Enterprises

Au Enterprises was formed in 1987 and has become a leading private label manufacturer servicing all tiers of the jewelry trade. We utilize a wide variety of manufacturing techniques including CAD/CAM, Casting and Die striking. All support machining is done internally in an 8000 square foot facility. All products are proudly made in our Berkley Michigan facility with responsibly sourced materials.

Emkay International

Emkay International is a leader in the colored gemstone industry. Emkay proudly offers superior customer service, depth of inventory and innovative cutting styles.

John C. Nordt

John C. Nordt is a supplier of premium quality precious metals for bridal rings, jewelry and industrial applications. Vacuum-melting plus its exclusive FusionForged® technology and precision CNC machining combine to transform alloys into precision seamless tubing, wire and shapes with optimized properties for products ranging from wedding bands to rocket nozzles.

Friedrich Dick GmbH & Co. KG

Friedrich Dick GmbH & Co. KG has specialized in precision Swiss pattern files since 1778. Their line of quality tools is an essential of the European jewelry trade and is valued by watchmakers, tool makers, goldsmiths and engravers.


Gottlob Armbrust Family Fund

The Armbrust Family Foundation was created by Gottlob Armbrust, founder of the Armbrust Chain Company. It supports worthwhile non-profit organizations through annual donations. The foundation's contributions to the Santa Fe Symposium scholarship program are made in honor of its founder whose life was dedicated to the jewelry industry through the manufacture of jewelry chain.


Manufacturing Jewelers and Suppliers of America provides the resources and support necessary for U.S.-based jewelry designers, manufacturers and suppliers to compete successfully. It is the publisher of the monthly trade magazine MJSA Journal and presenter of MJSA Expo New York.