Thank your for attending the 31st Annual Santa Fe Symposium®

Because you are the kind of professional who keeps up with the fast pace of technology and keeps abreast of the latest research that affects your business, the Santa Fe Symposium® is exactly the place for you!

This is the event that broke through the veil of silence 32 years ago, bringing jewelry professionals together from across the industry and around the world to talk about work, business and the future. For three decades and counting, the Santa Fe Symposium® has pursued innovation all across the jewelry industry: technological, operational and experiential. At the Symposium, the industry’s most inquisitive minds come together to present and discuss research, to share expertise, to connect with other professionals—to learn about what’s happening in every corner of this world-wide industry.

Make plans now to be in Albuquerque, New Mexico, May 20-23, 2018 and be ready to take part in the 32nd Santa Fe Symposium®. Join your colleagues and experts from around the world, enjoy four days of knowledge and networking, build new relationships, and take invaluable information and know-how back to your business.

Eddie Bell, Founder

Eddie Bell

Eddie Bell, director of technology for Rio Grande, Inc., founded the Santa Fe Symposium® based on his conviction that the jewelry industry benefits exponentially by sharing knowledge and ideas. From the beginning, the Symposium has served as an outlet for his drive to share knowledge and expertise with those who share his passion for the craft. Over the past 32 years, the Symposium has become the premier educational forum for jewelry manufacturing technology worldwide.

There is a reason I attend the Symposium year after year without fail: I learn more there in four days than I do in the rest of the year.
— Eddie Bell, Symposium founder