Mission Statement

The Santa Fe Symposium fosters community and provides a collaborative forum that drives technological and operational innovation across the jewelry-making industry.  The industry’s most inquisitive minds gather to present and discuss research, to educate and learn, and come away with inspiration and practical know-how.

What's In the Symposium for You?


Presenters at the Symposium share information, insights and know-how openly, giving you the kind of access that's impossible to find anywhere else. The learning opportunities are endless and deepen exponentially through discussions and conversations about how these insights and cutting-edge research affect your industry.


Take what you learn, add your own experience and know-how to bring fresh ideas to the discussion and to formulate strategies that can address your challenges back home. At the Symposium, you’ll be surrounded by people who face some of the same challenges you do.

I have never been to a conference where people are so open with what they’re working on, with problems they struggle with, with advice. You really feel like part of a family here.
— Terry Munsinger, Jostens