Mission Statement

The Santa Fe Symposium is a passionate, collaborative, non-commercial community that shares know-how, fosters innovation, and connects resources across all facets of the jewelry-making industry.

What IS the Santa Fe Symposium®?

The Santa Fe Symposium® began as an idea in the mid-1980s, born of frustration over the lack of access to substantive, cutting-edge information about jewelry casting and manufacturing. Two men, Dave Schneller and Eddie Bell, came up with a solution and put forward their idea of a non-commercial, not-for-profit gathering of jewelry professionals—people well-known in the industry, working in well-known businesses and organizations, coming together to freely discuss their ideas, manufacturing innovations and research. At the time, the concept was unheard of—it was impossible, unthinkable...wasn’t it?

In reaching out and talking to other friends and colleagues, they found that they were far from alone in their frustrations. The time had come to act. They invited like-minded jewelry manufacturing colleagues from around the world to a new kind of conference. The focus would be on exchanging information and on networking with fellow professionals. No one would be selling anything. No one would be buying anything.

Today, more than 30 years later, not only is the Symposium still going strong, it continues to grow and evolve, seeking out know-how from expert makers, teachers, researchers and professionals working in every conceivable area of the jewelry-making industry. Visit the “Agenda” tab to see what's on the agenda this year, and visit the “Speakers” tab to get a sneak peek at this year’s presenters. Next year, one of those speakers could be YOU.

Why YOU Should Be At the Santa Fe Symposium®. . .

The scope of this unique conference encompasses every kind of jewelry industry professional, from custom casters to bench jewelers to gemologists to business owners, managers, and more. Presentations range far beyond manufacturing- and casting-related subjects to include a wide variety of timely topics that deal with not only manufacturing and fabrication processes but with running a business in this industry, protecting workers and the work environment and more.

And you're never just an attendee; you are a participant, teaching even as you learn along with every other jewelry professional there. Your input enriches the discussion and adds to the knowledge. No matter where you fit in the jewelry-making industry, the Santa Fe Symposium® offers you incredible benefits that last throughout the year and into the future, serving your business, your work and your goals in ways you could not have imagined. Need to make the case to your supervisor or upper management for attending the Santa Fe Symposium? We can help! We've prepared a downloadable  Return On Investment letter that will help you do just that.


Learn first-hand about the latest work going on in the industry with endless opportunities to ask questions, challenge assumptions and discuss what it means from the point of view of your work and your business.


Take what you learn, add your own experience, and apply your individual know-how to bring fresh ideas to every discussion and to formulate strategies that can help you address your challenges back home.


Forge new relationships, build bonds of respect, and create friendships with colleagues from around the corner and around the world. Many relationships born at Symposium go on to thrive for decades—and not just at the event but throughout the year, day in and day out, as priceless resources you can count on.

Eddie Bell

Rio Grande Executive Vice President Emeritus and Co-Founder of the Santa Fe Symposium®


Eddie Bell founded the conference based on his conviction that the jewelry industry benefits exponentially when experience, research and ideas are shared. From the beginning, the Symposium has served as an outlet for his drive to share knowledge and expertise with those who share his passion for the craft. Over the past 34 years, the Symposium has become the premier educational forum for jewelry manufacturing technology worldwide.

There is a reason I attend the Symposium year after year without fail: I learn more there in four days than I do in the rest of the year.
— Eddie Bell