Speakers for the 2019 Santa Fe Symposium

Each presenter is an expert in the jewelry making and manufacturing industry, eager to share her or his knowledge, research and techniques with you.

Presenter Presentation Title
Anne Miller Getting Started with Blockchain
Ardeshir Dabestani Jewelry: A Mystical Journey through History, Part 3
Calina Shevlin Enameling: Traditional Techniques Combined with Current Technology
Chris Corti Basic Metallurgy, Part III
Chris Ploof Practical Application of a Rose Engine in the Modern Shop
Edward Rosenberg Approaches to Designing, Crafting and Manufacturing Jewelry Made in Whole or Part with Contemporary Metals
Edward Ripley The Use of Computed Tomography in the Evaluation and Cutting of Opaque Gemstone Material
Frank Cooper Anglo Saxon Bling—A Warrior King's Golden Helmet
Gary Dawson Additive Manufacturing on the Bench and in the Workshop
Harley McDaniel Automated Vinyl and Laser Cutter Applications for the Jeweler
James Bush A Basic Overview of Brazing and Soldering
Jeanette Caines Adventures in Researching Ancient Chinese Filigree Techniques
Kate Wolf By Hand! Wax Carving Tips, Trick and Techniques
Linus Drogs III Industrial Casting Trials of New 950Pd Investment Casting Alloys with Superior Properties
Margaretha Held Cuttlefish Bone Casting: Theory of Mold Making, Design Possibilities, Practical Casting Technique and Analysis of Typical Errors
Michael Stover How Process Variables Impact Investment Removal Properties
Nanz Aalund Jewelers: The Next Generation
Peter DiCristofaro The History of American Ring Making, 1798-2018
Phil Poirier The Ornamental Lathe
Ramarao Ilavarapu Implementation of Tablets for Measuring Jeweler Quality, Productivity and Knowledge and a Vision Measuring System for Objective Inspection of Jewelry
Robert Previti Conflict Diamonds and Corporate Social Responsibility in the U.S. Jewelry Industry: Survey Results
Ronda Coryell The Fusing Properties of Argentium®
Somlak Wannarumon Kielarova Make Your Jewelry Design Pop with Generative Design
Ulrich Klotz Development of New 950Pd Investment Casting Alloys with Superior Properties